– Deck Repairs (Chipping, Welding, and Tank Cleaning ….Etc) .
– Engine Repair & Cleaning .
– Electricity Repair (Motors Rewinding, Generators Repairs … Etc) .
– Diving Business Including ( Underwater Welding, Painting and Inspecting) .
– Fire Fighting &Detection Systems Annual inspection .
– Renewal Certificates .
– Garbage & Sludge Disposal With Certificate .
– Safety Equipments Inspection & Maintenance (Life Boat & Life Raft Annual Inspection With Class Approved Certificates.

We Transports, Installs and Removes All Types of Vessel’s include Fixed Structures, Complex Infrastructures AndFloating Facilities, in Shallow Water, Deepwater and Ultra Deepwater.

Also We Facilitate, Arrange and Fasten Ships Entrance to Any Shipyard for Requested Repairs (Case Needed) Ensuring Performing the requested Construction at the Fastest Time Possible With the Heist Quality

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